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Global approach and customer support

Knowing that every company and every project is unique, MTA Test Platform offers a wide range of test services for various industries and provide tailored packages to meet your specific needs (see ESS section). Our knowledge and industry expertise enable us to support our clients at all stages of their R&D project lifecycle and thus innovate and adapt to your specific business and company. You can rely on MTA to deliver expert integrated solutions. We can help optimize the engineering and technical aspects of every phase of your test project, including work on the problem, beneficial training services, formalization of the need for tests but also provide a systemic approach to supporting our customers afterwards through raw data processing, results expertise and detailed reports of your tests.

At MTA, we always try to make our customers’ uniqueness shine through by providing customized services designed to ensure the efficiency of your project and to meet your specific needs. With over 10 years of experience, our expertise ensures your projects are prepared to meet evolving demands.

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In addition to our testing services, we offer industry leading professional training. Our expert can share his experience gained for many years in different industrial projects, scientific collaborations and industry leading conferences and seminars. Whatever your training need is, our qualified instructor provides essential knowledge through different theoretical and practical training courses on Energy Storage Systems (ESS). Here are some examples of our training programs:

  • Energy Storage Systems for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Energy Storage Systems for aeronautics
  • Battery for electrified vehicles : market and perspectives
  • Lithium-ion battery : operation, features and challenges
  • Lithium-ion battery : safety management

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain our training catalog or to discuss tailored training programs for your team.

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Why choose our services

MTA puts solid experience across a wide range of testing services that can sharpen your competitive edge:

Provide engineering support and tailor our solutions to match your needs.

Flexibility a small company can provide:

  • Test equipment adaptable to meet customers’ needs.
  • Reliable and skilled staff, quick and tailored response.
  • Directly available team.
  • Reactive provider when handling your unforeseen events.

Business rigor provided by a large company:

  • Rigorous process (test procedures, benching…).
  • Test equipment properly maintained and calibrated.
  • Knowledge of Aerospace standards and DO.
  • Substantial investment capacity in new equipment.
  • Complementary test laboratories (vibration, EMC…).
  • Team members with a high level of know-how and skills.

Attractive rates with a tailored set of solutions to each project and client.